July 13, 1994

Matthew Bennett
421 S. Beverly Dr. Ste. 701
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Dear Matthew:

Congratulations on finishing your fantastic book, Lifestyles of the Trim & Healthy. Your collaboration with Cathy Guisewite was a great idea and lends itself to a very entertaining and educational journal. The book is helpful in debunking many health and fitness myths and provides sound information that is simple to understand. It’s a valuable resource and a treat to read!

National Fitness Leaders Association is proud to be one of the book’s supporting organizations, along with the American Heart Association. Lifestyles of the Trim & Healthy serves as a fun and comprehensible guide to learn the facts about nutrition and fitness and offers motivating tips, quotes, and advice that can benefit everyone. We recommend it to anyone who wants to learn the basics of a healthy lifestyle or needs an encouraging boost to make some changes. Since it’s written in such an enjoyable format, it’s proof that fun and fitness do mix.

Best wishes with the book, and keep up the great work!


Bob Karch                         Melissa Johnson
Executive Director          Director of Operations