May 27, 2008

Matthew Bennett
BTDT Enterprises
11693 San Vincente Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90049

Dear Matthew:

Where Matthew Bennett has been-is to a place where giving is a part of living.

What Matthew has done-is to empower thousands, including myself, to go beyond what is ordinary and to create extraordinary results.

For our organization, Matthew Bennett’s coaching, advice and friendship is responsible for a new model. This paradigm shift will bring results which open up opportunities for youth all over the world.

The mark of a great coach is to bring the very best out of his client. The greatness in Matthew Bennett is in seeing what is possible and finding the shortest distance to success. He has Been There and Done That, and if you listen and learn, so shall you.

Thank you, Matthew, for helping us to create infinite possibilities and Dreams come true!

With gratitude,

Tom Tuohy
President and Founder Dreams for Kids