American Vet

Mr. Matthew Bennett
BTDT Enterprises, Inc.
9363 Wilshire Blvd., #200
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Dear Matthew:

Thank you so much for the sample copies of the Puppy and Kitten Journals! I will proudly share them with our board of directors when we meet this weekend. I’ll also pass along our pleasure with the outcome of the project when I see representatives from the sponsoring companies over the next week.

Thank you for including us in this project. We believe educating pet owners about responsible pet ownership and about preventative care for their pets is vitally important. Your journals present this information in an easy to read, lighthearted, yet meaningful fashion. The messages are sure to be remembered by pet owners and will encourage a strong basis of understanding as they grow in to the strong bond which they will share with their “new family member”.

Once again, congratulations on such a fine project. We look forward to hearing about the results as the journals are distributed.


P. Joanne Ray, CFRE
Executive Director