When People Magazine did a feature article on Matthew Bennett, he explained his life’s goal as “having a permanent positive effect on as many people’s lives as possible.” Today, he’s reaching more people than ever through his speaking, coaching and philanthropy.

As President of BTDT Enterprises, founded in 1988, Matthew develops, publishes, and distributes innovative educational materials in conjunction with major charitiesand non-profits (e.g., the American Heart Association, March of Dimes, American Veterinary Medical Foundation, American Diabetes Association, and others).

He has personally authored books with sales totaling over five million copies and won many awards. Matthew has worked directly with sixteen national non-profits raising millions of dollars.

He is a two-time March of Dimes Volunteer of the Year, highly recognized national fund-raiser, and a former State Commissioner for California Special Olympics.

Matthew has coached thousands and frequently leads seminars on topics ranging from overcoming adversity to Role-model Entrepreneurialism to Excuse Blasting. He has spoken at conventions, universities, hospitals, and many other venues to audiences as large as 2500, and appeared in a wide variety of national media.