Matthew Bennett has written, printed and sold over 5,000,000 books while raising millions of dollars for charities.


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In 1991, Matthew wrote THE MATERNAL JOURNAL (co-published with Simon & Schuster, over 3 million copies sold) to help boost faltering levels of prenatal education and infant care in the United States. THE BABY JOURNAL (1992), contributed to Matthew becoming a March of Dimes Volunteer of the Year in 1992 and 1993. Both books were National Parenting Center Products of the Year, and won the Healthcare Public Relations Marketing Association’s Golden Advocate Award with perfect 90 out of 90 possible scores.


Matthew teamed up with the American Heart Association and popular comic strip illustrator Cathy Guisewite to create LIFESTYLES OF THE TRIM AND HEALTHY (1994). This fun, easy-to-read guide to better exercise and nutrition offers straightforward advice and strategies for a healthier lifestyle.


THE PUPPY and KITTEN JOURNALS (1998) assist new pet owners with the training, safety, and medical info needed for their first year with a new dog or cat, and benefited the American Veterinary Medical Foundation.


IN A CHILD’S EYES (1996) is an inspirational, heart-warming book that was rated the highest by parents among all incentive products used by Aetna Healthplans, and benefited the National Paralysis Foundation.


FAT MATT (2004) and FATMATT.COM combat our nation’s skyrocketing obesity rates by shocking people into acknowledging the fundamental reasons and simple solutions that can put an end to our weight-gain epidemic. It encourages readers to recognize that the truth will set them free (or at very least, loosen their pants).


WRITE IT, PRINT IT, SELL IT! (2011) is a live seminar and audio course that motivates and teaches authors how to successfully market their work through innovative and non-conventional avenues.Click to learn more

The TRIALS TO TRIUMPH seminar series entertains and inspires audiences by sharing the lives of extraordinary individuals who have overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges. Simultaneously, it encourages introspection and reflection regarding the common obstacles and frustrations that people often allow to destroy their dreams and keep them from fulfilling their greatest potential.