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Ben Van de Bunt – Former CEO/President, Guthy-Renker

“Matthew Bennett’s understanding of the self-publishing industry is second to none. I have been consistently impressed with his creativity and marketing savvy and strongly recommend his consulting services to anyone who has written a book or is thinking of writing one.”

Carla Douglin – Author, Spokesperson

“Matthew Bennett’s program did WONDERS for not only my book sales, but my overall business! Rather than making individual sales, I learned that selling books in bulk to organizations and corporations would dramatically increase my profits. I thoroughly studied Matthew’s teleseminars and reading materials, following all of his directions to the letter, and it paid off in ways I never dreamed of! In my first major deal, I achieved a multi-million dollar public/private partnership with a major financial institution and a national non-profit organization. They are not only using my book, but also hired me as a spokesperson! Matthew’s course and advice have been priceless.”

Elle Febbo – Author, Business Development Expert

“I invested in Matthew Bennett’s course and training to help me with marketing my book, What Love Is A-Z. Today, I’ve used my books (now award winning best sellers) to raise more than $150,000 for causes close to my heart, reached nearly 1 million people with my message, and built a thriving business. Thank you so much for showing me what’s possible, Matthew. During the span of both my corporate and entrepreneurial careers, I have never been taught a more valuable, lucrative, or highly effective sales model. This whole experience has been so rewarding.

Joseph McClendon III – Tony Robbins’ #1 Performance Coach

Simply put, Matthew Bennett is THE MAN! He’s a super coach, incredibly sharp personal mentor, and marketing maven all rolled into one high-energy package. He is all about getting real results and can not only identify issues and obstacles faster than anyone I have ever met, he offers realistic tangible solutions. He keeps me on my toes and also keeps me laughing. When you’re ready to say goodbye to all of your excuses, issues and limitations, pick up the phone and call Matthew Bennett.

Margit Cox Henderson – Author, Ph.D

“Matthew Bennett was the perfect mentor for me in finalizing my book, getting it printed, and sold in bulk to corporate clients. Bulk sales had always been my goal, but I had no idea how to go about it doing it. Matthew shared wisdom he gained through decades of success. He put me and my book through his paces, which left me feeling confident when it came time to market my book in the big leagues. My book has been well received by major corporate clients, who are now helping me get my message out. Hiring Matthew was money very well spent!”

Burt Sugarman – Hollywood Producer/Entrepreneur

“In my career, I have been involved in many businesses and exposed to all types of consultants. Simply put, Matthew Bennett embodies the qualities I not only look for in an advisor, but also feel confident recommending. He is honest, direct, accomplished, and has a knack for quickly identifying obstacles and providing clear solutions. Several people I know have used his services and I wouldn’t consider writing a book without Matthew on my team.”

Susan Arthurs – Owner, Blue Sky Ideas

“I’ve had some wonderful results since working with Matthew. After taking his workshop, I received a large order from an Airline History Museum for my Aerospace Activities books to be distributed to teachers in their area. I have also made major mental shifts regarding pricing and reworking the product itself to sell in larger quantities. I know I’m well on my way!”

Mary Hart – Actress, Iconic Television Host

“When I told a close friend of mine that I was writing a book, he strongly advised I seek out Matthew Bennett’s consulting services. Right from our first session it was easy to see why! Matthew’s unique combination of knowledge, candor and humor have been extremely effective. He is very motivating and I always leave our consults energized and ready to get right to work. Matthew also understands the difference between writing a book and selling one and I am very excited to have his marketing guidance. As a strong believer in mentoring and learning all I can from proven experts, I can’t say enough positive things about Matthew Bennett and all he has to offer.”

Dr. Rob Kominiarek – Author

“Thank you for your presentation. Within 7 days after returning home, I was able to put one of your strategies to use immediately at a business function to secure an order for 8500 copies of my new fat loss solution book as an employee gift for the holidays at a large business. I truly appreciate your sharing with all of us your numerous strategies and I look forward to meeting with you again.”

Jerilyn Marler – Author

“PMG International, a major distributor to military exchanges all over the world, has agreed to distribute my book. I just received a PO today and I’m over the moon about it! I thank you a million times for what I learned through your program and coaching. I’m doing a happy dance in my study!”

Serena Williamson – Author, Ph.D

“There are no words to thank you enough for the changes that have happened in my career and life since we started working together. Not only did you help me rewrite my book, you helped me rewrite myself. I am now easily asking for and receiving between three and five times higher fees for my keynotes, coaching and seminars. You showed me how I was grossly undercharging what my knowledge and expertise were actually worth. Your honest, straightforward, no-holds-barred style is refreshing, inspiring, eye opening and vastly successful. Matthew, you are a gift for which I am enormously grateful.”

Anne Jolles – Author, Life Coach

“Matthew’s coaching is so much more than about selling the books. He’s masterful in helping me to step into who I need to be and what I need to bring to challenges. I am so excited with the possibilities ahead and credit Matthew with helping me get there. His marketing knowledge, insight and experience has great depth, producing powerful synergy. A large cosmetics firm included my book in a product promotional mailer to all their NY beauty editors. A major marketing firm is testing it clients for motivation and inspiration. My book is also now available hospital bookstores, my local American Cancer Society, day spas, yoga studios, coffee shops, health food stores, wellness centers, boutiques and schools. It’s just so exciting that to think of all the things that are possible and all of the things that have changed for me since working with Matthew. I have learned to enjoy marketing and sales, love what I’m doing, and am really looking forward to see what else opens up for me.”

Sandra Bueno – Author, Nonprofit Leader

“There is much to say and admire about Matthew Bennett, but the most remarkable characteristic he exemplifies is the zest and integrity with which he shares his knowledge and experience. Matthew is a dynamic professional teaching marketing and personal entrepreneurship not from an “in the box” approach, but rather from a creative and forward thinking model. His power not only lies in his passion, but in that he illustrates the concept of mind, body and soul in the delivery of his product and final plan.”

Nancy Hayssen – Author, Advocate

“Matthew’s products are top quality in the industry. He gives step-by-step information how to write, print and sell your book and lifts your spirit while you learn. You’ll find creative ways to make money in ways you never thought of. After reading his genius strategies, I’ve already come up with a dozen ideas for collaborating with major companies to raise money for good causes and sell thousands of books in the process. Excellent information for authors, entrepreneurs or anyone who has ever wanted to get that book inside them out! Highly recommended.”

Tim Pelton – Author, Business Owner

“Thank you so much! You are like the Vince Lombardi of self-publishing! You have provided me with a great roadmap. Thanks so much for your candor and advice.”

Robert Lomas – Author

“I can’t recommend Matthew Bennett highly enough! He tackles all kinds of issues like no one I’ve ever seen and always seems to have a fresh approach. His confidence and energy are boundless, as are his knowledge and execution skills in the world of publishing. His no nonsense action-directed approach keeps me on track and has helped me reach so many of my goals. The best part is that I know there’s more to come!”

Michaela Bensko – Photographer, Business Owner

“I recently heard Matthew Bennett speak and was absolutely blown away by his energy, enthusiasm, practical advice, and no-nonsense approach to marketing. After listening to him for two hours, my view of how I was marketing my business radically shifted. I’ve begun to implement many of his great suggestions and am seeing fabulous results. I highly recommend Matthew Bennett as a speaker or coach. His enthusiasm is contagious, he is really funny, and he has a true talent for marketing.”

Carl Weissman – Author

“You really made my day! Not only was your unique marketing idea for my book brilliant, you super-charged my enthusiasm for finishing it. I knew it would be a challenge to come up with an enticing way to position a book whose message is more of a cautionary tale. Your creative idea to market the book to the likely buyer, rather than the likely reader, was fantastic! Way to go. You are worth every penny I invested in you. Much gratitude.”

Donna Sozio – Author, Business Owner

Matthew is the coach of coaches. I had already achieved a high level of success when Matthew stepped in and showed me how to monetize my media visibility in a way that I’m not just making a living – I’m making a fortune!

Dr. Jeffery Hockings – Author

I am very grateful to have had the chance to learn from Matthew Bennett because he truly walks his talk. If you want to take your book to the level of selling thousands, or even millions, of books then Matthew Bennett has the exact strategy. You just plug in your information into it the step-by-step formula and get to work. He gives you all the tools necessary. I highly recommend Matthew Bennett because he is a phenomenal presenter with high energy and he gives you the shirt off his back to make sure that you have the exact tools and strategies you need to sell tons of books.

Sean Folkson – Business Owner

“When I decided to hire Matt as a business coach, I was excited about working with him on the “technical stuff”. I was looking forward to killer ideas and strategies for partnering with major corporations and other techniques to grow my business. What I got has been much more valuable. About 20 minutes in to our first consult, Matt stopped me dead in my tracks. It was obvious to him that I was self-sabotaging. And then, it became obvious to me as well. Call it a reality check, call it tough love, or call it a good old kick in the pants. By any name, I got what I needed.

Matt didn’t just talk strategy because I was asking for strategic help. He observed the overall situation and addressed the core issue. Any coach can tell you what you want to hear…or even what you think you need to hear. Matt hit me with what I did NOT want to hear, but truly needed to hear. I decided I needed to reconnect with my motivation and find my enthusiasm again. Now, 7 days after our first call, I feel like a new person. I’m an entrepreneur, re-invented. I see the change in my own actions every day. Most importantly, I’m seeing it in my RESULTS. I can’t say enough about how happy I am that I placed my trust in Matthew Bennett. This is a guy who is a straight shooter, and tells it like it is. And, because of that, he was able to give me EXACTLY what I needed!”

Ana Weber – Author

“If you are ready to see massive results, I highly recommend that you pick up the phone and get in touch with Matthew Bennett NOW! His enthusiasm, can-do attitude and non-nonsense approach will blast your project through the roof. Matthew’s out of the box thinking is sure to turn your business or book into a huge success.”

Nancy Faas – Author

“Your course was terrific! You have the clearest, most effective approach to book marketing I’ve ever heard (and I’ve been in publishing for more than 10 years). You perfectly explained what we needed to follow your strategies. Once we got the basics, you walked us through the process step-by-step. You really made it fun and gave us the tools and confidence to move forward. With your wonderful depth of knowledge, no matter what was asked, you understood the issues involved displaying insight and honesty. Your values are in the right place – we felt respected, motivated – you took us seriously, honored our ideas, and answered our questions. I also love your commitment on projects that make a difference in the world and your exceptional generosity. Matthew, you truly walk the talk.”

David Evans – Author

Matthew Bennett’s course is the best I have ever taken. He shares a tremendous amount of outstanding, practical information and lays out a specific, direct plan for selling great numbers of books. He is a generous, knowledgeable and helpful teacher. Matthew taught me exactly what I needed to know. I can’t recommend the course too highly!

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